Friday, 25 April 2014

Find out most popular Computer Programming Languages

A computer genius always wants to keep himself updated about most popular computer programming languages.  One cannot ignore the fact that popularity plays a great role in terms of programming languages. If you are investing your precious time in learning the skills and complexity of a programming language then it becomes crucial to understand if these languages will be useful in the professional world or not.

A number of surveys have been organized to find out the most popular Computer Programming Languages at Summer Training in Jaipur . A number of factors are considered in these surveys like number of applications written in a programming language, necessary job skills required for it, number of searches on internet about a language and which language the developers prefer.  These are also the factors a programmer should be aware of before he thinks about taking a job in a particular field. Some languages are always important than other. Languages like Java, C and C++ come in this category. There are several programming languages and various publications related to computer after lots of research have concluded on these popular languages:
  1.     Java
  2.     Linux
  3.     Perl
  4.     Java Script
  5.     Android
  6.     PHP
  7.     Shell Scripting
  8.     Delphi
  9.     Redhat Linux Security
  10.     Microsoft related technologies
  11.     Cisco Networking
  12.     Ethical Hacking

The following languages are not arranged according to any type of order but they are the concluded result of various surveys. The order of popularity varies on factor like who is conducting survey and who are the participants of the survey. There can be some languages which will be missing when you compare the list with list of some survey. Also, the order can vary survey to survey. But this is definitely the clustered result of most popular Computer Programming Languages. Every language mentioned in the list will benefit you in some field of IT sector if you devote some time in learning them. For specific field you are required to learn a specific field like Developers can go for Java, Linux, and PHP, Summer Internship 2014 in Jaipur etc. while Hackers will be interested in Ethical Hacking.